Emergency Room Situation


Scenario: Sirens are blaring . . .

Nurse 1:

“The ambulance is coming and there is a patient who has been burned from head to toe.”

Nurse 2:

“The skin bank has 1000 square inches of skin.”

Doctor:  (motions to you)

“Hey, Intern! You are about the same size as the patient. Quick, calculate to see if they have enough skin!!”

This task, created by a group of teachers in Edmonton, asks students to determine how much skin they have. It is based on a story that Steven Leinwand told when he did a workshop in town. Students must determine if the amount of skin available in a hospital emergency room is sufficient to graft an entire body.

In completing this task, students will work with surface areas of composite shapes.

Disclaimer: I left the rubric in the document. It needs work. I feel like I can say that (evaluative feedback), since I was among the group of teachers who wrote this task.

The Word document containing all you need is: Emergency Room Situation


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