Barbie Bungee


Variations of the Barbie Bungee activity are posted in various locations around the internet. In this activity, Barbies take death-defying plunges from something high in the school. Students use linear relations to predict how many elastics (rubber bands) are needed to give Barbie a thrill ride, getting as close to the ground as possible, but not hitting her head.

Fawn Nguyen provides a detailed description of this activity and provides her resources. She explains her plan in this blog post.

Other descriptions of it are available at:

Teaching Channel – Worksheet, video, and lesson plan available.

Illuminations – Lots of support materials available.

The Math Lab – Activity is very well described.

Matt Vaudrey – Really nice description with support materials and class videos.

How to Use This Activity

I’m torn on this one. It could probably be classified as a performance assessment or a learning activity, depending on how it is run in a classroom.

To really get at the equation of line outcome, students will need to determine the equations of their lines of best fit (line of best fit is not in our curriculum, so you shouldn’t assess that part). I would ask them to make a prediction based on this equation, as well as on their graph.

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