RAFT In Math


RAFT is typically an English Language Arts writing aid. We can use it in math as a different and more engaging way for students to demonstrate their understanding.

R = Role

A = Audience

F = Format

T = Topic

The way to use this technique in math class is to prepare a set of RAFTs on a given topic and have the students randomly draw and present one of them to their classmates.

For example, in quadratics, one RAFT might be:

Role: Unfactorable Quadratic Equation

Audience: Quadratic Formula

Format: Love Letter

Topic: Why I can’t live without you…

The student getting this slip will prepare a love letter from the perspective of a quadratic equation, explaining why the quadratic formula is so desperately needed. Students will be creative in showing their understanding, and I promise they will show understanding. Every class I have tried this with has had a blast.

Complete list of RAFTS posted on this site.


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