Bucky the Badger


I like to use this one as an introduction to sequences and series in Math 20-1. It’s an easy problem at the 20-1 level, so the message to students is that sometimes a formula makes these kind of calculations more efficient. I tried this with great success in a Math 10-4 class once.

Play the edited Bucky video.

Ask them what they wondered about.  Any time I’ve used this, students wonder how many push ups Bucky had to do.

Explain the push up pattern to them.

If Wisconsin scores a touchdown, he does 7 push-ups because their score is now 7.  If they follow that up with a field goal, he does 10 push-ups, because their score is now 10.  At this point he has done 17 push-ups in total.  Then if they score a touchdown, Bucky does 17 push-ups, because their score is now 17, bringing his push-up total to 34.

Ask students what further information they required. If they don’t think the order of the scoring matters, don’t give it to them. Let them figure out that it does matter. Once they are there, give them:  TD, FG, TD, TD, TD, TD, TD, TD, TD, FG, TD, TD, TD.

Turn them loose.

Extensions: Does it matter where the two field goals occur?  Where would we put the two field goals so that Bucky ends up doing the most possible push ups?

Show the class the answer video. It’s the same video as before, without the part where she says how many push ups Bucky did edited out. I’ve had classes wonder how they missed it the first time. I hardly had the heart to tell them they had been manipulated.

3 thoughts on “Bucky the Badger

    • Hi Dan, are you at work? I just checked, and the links are fine. They’re hosted on DropBox and some schools block that service. If you’re trying from home and it’s still not working, let me know and I’ll figure out a different way to share them with you.

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