Dyatlov’s Pass


I first posted this one on my blog in this form.

I framed it as a problem solving activity at the time, and it still is, but I have tagged it an introductory activity here.

  1. Play the first 2:08 of this video  
  2. Ask the students what they wonder about. They will likely begin to speculate what might have happened to the hikers.
  3. Ask them to think of a theory on their own, and write it down. This is not a fleshed out theory, but just a quick first impression.
  4. Ask them what further information they require. Much of the information in the video will have gone by pretty quickly, so you can give them this handout.
  5. Have the students work with a partner to come up with a theory. Ask them to decide what information is important, and what is not as relevant.
  6. Have students share their theories with each other.
  7. Play the rest of the video.

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