Puzzles and Games


Five of the WNCP courses include puzzles and games in one form or another. Those courses are:

  • Math 10-3 (Apprenticeship and Workplace Mathematics 10)
  • Math 20-3 (Apprenticeship and Workplace Mathematics 11)
  • Math 30-3 (Apprenticeship and Workplace Mathematics 12)
  • Math 20-2 (Foundations of Mathematics 11)
  • Math 30-2 (Foundations of Mathematics 12)

The wording of the outcomes varies (spacial, logical, numeric, etc…), but most teachers are using puzzles and games in some form or another in these classes. Some teachers are having “Fun Friday”, where they dedicate a whole class to puzzles and games. Some teachers use them as a daily opener. Regardless of how they are used, here are some of my favorite online puzzles and games. If you have some you like to use, please pass them along and I’ll add them to this list.



Number Guessing Game

Set Game


Uncross the Lines

Eyeballing Game

Railroad Game



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