Math 10-3 Curricular Outcomes


10-3 M1  Demonstrate an understanding of the Système International (SI) by:

  • describing the relationships of the units for length, area, volume, capacity, mass and temperature
  • applying strategies to convert SI units to imperial units.  [C, CN, ME, V]

10-3 M2  Demonstrate an understanding of the imperial system by:

  • describing the relationships of the units for length, area, volume, capacity, mass and temperature
  • comparing the American and British imperial units for capacity
  • applying strategies to convert imperial units to SI units.  [C, CN, ME, V]

10-3 M3  Solve and verify problems that involve SI and imperial linear measurements, including decimal and fractional measurements. [CN, ME, PS, V]

10-3 M4  Solve problems that involve SI and imperial area measurements of regular, composite and irregular 2-D shapes and 3-D objects, including decimal and fractional measurements, and verify the solutions. [ME, PS, R, V]


10-3 G1  Analyze puzzles and games that involve spatial reasoning, using problem-solving strategies. [C, CN, PS, R]

10-3 G2  Demonstrate an understanding of the Pythagorean theorem by:

  • identifying situations that involve right triangles
  • verifying the formula
  • applying the formula
  • solving problems. [C, CN, PS, V]

10-3 G3  Demonstrate an understanding of similarity of convex polygons, including regular and irregular polygons. [C, CN, PS, V]

10-3 G4  Demonstrate an understanding of primary trigonometric ratios (sine, cosine, tangent) by:

  • applying similarity to right triangles
  • generalizing patterns from similar right triangles
  • applying the primary trigonometric ratios
  • solving problems. [CN, PS, R, T, V]  [ICT: C6–4.1]

10-3 G5  Solve problems that involve parallel, perpendicular and transversal lines, and pairs of angles formed between them. [C, CN, PS, V]

10-3 G6  Demonstrate an understanding of angles, including acute, right, obtuse, straight and reflex, by:

  • drawing
  • replicating and constructing
  • bisecting
  • solving problems. [C, ME, PS, T, V]   [ICT: C6–4.1]


10-3 N1  Solve problems that involve unit pricing and currency exchange, using proportional reasoning. [CN, ME, PS, R]

10-3 N2  Demonstrate an understanding of income, including:

  • wages
  • salary
  • contracts
  • commissions
  • piecework
  • to calculate gross pay and net pay. [C, CN, R, T]   [ICT: C6–4.1, C6–4.2, C7–4.2, F2–4.7]


10-3 A1  Solve problems that require the manipulation and application of formulas related to:

  • perimeter
  • area
  • the Pythagorean theorem
  • primary trigonometric ratios
  • income. [C, CN, ME, PS, R]

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