Math 30-3 Curricular Outcomes


30-3 M1  Demonstrate an understanding of the limitations of measuring instruments, including:

  • precision
  • accuracy
  • uncertainty
  • tolerance

and solve problems.  [C, PS, R, T, V]   [ICT: C6–4.4, C6–4.5]


30-3 G1  Solve problems by using the sine law and cosine law, excluding the ambiguous case.  [CN, PS, V]

30-3 G2  Solve problems that involve:

  • triangles
  • quadrilaterals
  • regular polygons.   [C, CN, PS, V]

30-3 G3  Demonstrate an understanding of transformations on a 2-D shape or a 3-D object, including:

  • translations
  • rotations
  • reflections
  • dilations.    [C, CN, R, T, V]    [ICT: C6–3.4]


30-3 N1  Analyze puzzles and games that involve logical reasoning, using problem-solving strategies.  [C, CN, PS, R]

30-3 N2  Solve problems that involve the acquisition of a vehicle by:

  • buying
  • leasing
  • leasing to buy.   [C, CN, PS, R, T]

30-3 N3  Critique the viability of small business options by considering:

  • expenses
  • sales
  • profit or loss.   [C, CN, R]   [ICT: F2–4.7]


30-3 A1  Demonstrate an understanding of linear relations by:

  • recognizing patterns and trends
  • graphing
  • creating tables of values
  • writing equations
  • interpolating and extrapolating
  • solving problems.   [CN, PS, R, T, V]   [ICT: C6–4.1, C6–4.3, C7–4.2]


30-3 S1  Solve problems that involve measures of central tendency, including:

  • mean
  • median
  • mode
  • weighted mean
  • trimmed mean.   [C, CN, PS, R]

30-3 S2  Analyze and describe percentiles.  [C, CN, PS, R]


30-3 P1  Analyze and interpret problems that involve probability.   [C, CN, PS, R]


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