Math 10C Curricular Outcomes


10C M1  Solve problems that involve linear measurement, using:

  • SI and imperial units of measure
  • estimation strategies
  • measurement strategies.     [ME, PS, V]

10C M2  Apply proportional reasoning to problems that involve conversions between SI and imperial units of measure. [C, ME, PS]

10C M3 Solve problems, using SI and imperial units, that involve the surface area and volume of 3-D objects, including:

  • right cones
  • right cylinders
  • right prisms
  • right pyramids
  • spheres. [CN, PS, R, V]

10C M4  Develop and apply the primary trigonometric ratios (sine, cosine, tangent) to solve problems that involve right triangles. [C, CN, PS, R, T, V]

Algebra and Number

10C AN1  Demonstrate an understanding of factors of whole numbers by determining the:

  • prime factors
  • greatest common factor
  • least common multiple
  • square root
  • cube root. [CN, ME, R]

10C AN2  Demonstrate an understanding of irrational numbers by:

  • representing, identifying and simplifying irrational numbers
  • ordering irrational numbers. [CN, ME, R, V]   [ICT: C6–2.3]

10C AN3 Demonstrate an understanding of powers with integral and rational exponents. [C, CN, PS, R]

10C AN4  Demonstrate an understanding of the multiplication of polynomial expressions (limited to monomials, binomials and trinomials), concretely, pictorially and symbolically. [CN, R, V]

10C AN5 Demonstrate an understanding of common factors and trinomial factoring, concretely, pictorially and symbolically. [C, CN, R, V]

Relations and Functions

10C RF1  Interpret and explain the relationships among data, graphs and situations. [C, CN, R, T, V]   [ICT: C6–4.3, C7–4.2]

10C RF2 Demonstrate an understanding of relations and functions. [C, R, V]

10C RF3 Demonstrate an understanding of slope with respect to:

  • rise and run
  • line segments and lines
  • rate of change
  • parallel lines
  • perpendicular lines. [PS, R, V]

10C RF4  Describe and represent linear relations, using:

  • words
  • ordered pairs
  • tables of values
  • graphs
  • equations.  [C, CN, R, V]

10C RF5 Determine the characteristics of the graphs of linear relations, including the:

  • intercepts
  • slope
  • domain
  • range. [CN, PS, R, V]

10C RF6 Relate linear relations expressed in:

  • slope–intercept form (y = mx + b)
  • general form (Ax + By + C = 0)
  • slope–point form (y – y1 = m(x – x1))

to their graphs. [CN, R, T, V]   [ICT: C6–4.3]

10C RF7 Determine the equation of a linear relation, given:

  • a graph
  • a point and the slope
  • two points
  • a point and the equation of a parallel or perpendicular line to solve problems. [CN, PS, R, V]

10C RF8 Represent a linear function, using function notation. [CN, ME, V]

10C RF9 Solve problems that involve systems of linear equations in two variables, graphically and algebraically.  [CN, PS, R, T, V]   [ICT: C6–4.1]


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