Sources of Resources

The activities posted on this blog have come from a variety of sources. Every attempt has been made to identify that source within the post containing the activity itself. People who contribute resources but don’t have blogs will be mentioned in the post I make about their activity. The following people have blogs that contain multiple activities I have linked to here.

John Scammell

That’s me. Several of the activities posted here also appear on my own blog in a random and disjointed kind of way. My hope is to organize those here in a much more user-friendly and searchable way.

Kyle Pearce

Kyle’s undertaking of a similar project in Ontario inspired me to finally try to collect everything I could find in one place. I hesitate to link you to Kyle’s site, because his is so much nicer than this one in terms of look and functionality.

Dan Meyer

Dan’s blog and work in 3-Act math have provided many of the problem solving activities that are linked here.

Kate Nowak

Kate’s blog is a great source of classroom activities that activate students. There are many of her things linked here. Kate is behind the Row Games that I am so fond of.

Sam Shah

Several of the ideas presented on this site come from Sam. In addition, Sam’s blog contains a virtual filing cabinet full of lesson ideas linked to US curricula (which contains many outcomes similar to ours). That vetted list of resources was invaluable to me in preparing this site.

Elizabeth Statmore

Great name for a math teacher. Great ideas on her blog like Oreos on Trial.

Fawn Nguyen

It’s “Win”. Fawn provides activities like Barbie Bungee.

David Cox

David is a GeoGebra whiz. He posts things like this x and intercept applet.

Dan Wekselgreene

Dan seems to have stopped blogging, but his blog still contains some great stuff. He has some engaging processes to review various topics like this one on using comic strips to review linear equations.

Sean Sweeney

Mr. Sweeney teaches in Philadelphia. I found activities on his site like the M & M Catapult.

Dan Anderson

Dan teaches in New York. The state, I think. Not the city. Dan must be all right to us Canadians, because he tweets about (and coaches, I think) hockey. Dan’s blog has activities like password strength.

Riley Lark

Riley has moved on to grading software (and it’s really good stuff), but his blog still contains his math ideas (which are also really good stuff).


K is a teacher in Cincinnati. Her activities that I’ve linked to include the Leprechaun Complete The Square Game.


Mimi shares many resources on her blog that easily fit our curriculum. For those of you looking for worksheets, she has a ton of them. The activities that I’ve linked here include this GeoGebra exploration.

Shireen D

Activities linked on this site from Shireen, who is in Texas somewhere, include a prisms and polyhedra matching game.

Nathan Kraft

Nathan is working hard on developing and categorizing 3-Act tasks. Among his creations linked on this site is the fast clapper.

David Pleacher

I didn’t come across Mr. P’s Math Page until I started putting this site together. I’m glad I found it. There are lots of engaging review activities shared on his site, including this Tic-Tac-Times review which is for trigonometric identities.

David Martin

David is an Alberta teacher who blogs about math and assessment. Links on this site to his blog include his fundamental counting principle lesson.

Chris Hunter

Chris blogs in beautiful British Columbia. Among Chris’s activities posted here are several MATHO games.


Desmos, which you may know as that awesome and free online graphing calculator, is now producing awesome and free lessons. They refer to their lessons as, “Hand-crafted classroom activities. Designed by teachers. Built with love by Desmos.” These activities are computer based, and provide the classroom teacher with all kinds of formative data about how the class is progressing through the lesson. Several of their lessons are linked to WNCP curriculum on this site.


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