Math 20-3 Curricular Outcomes


20-3 M1  Solve problems that involve SI and imperial units in surface area measurements and verify the solutions. [C, CN, ME, PS, V]

20-3 M2  Solve problems that involve SI and imperial units in volume and capacity measurements. [C, CN, ME, PS, V]


20-3 G1  Solve problems that involve two and three right triangles. [CN, PS, T, V]

20-3 G2  Solve problems that involve scale. [PS, R, V]

20-3 G3  Model and draw 3-D objects and their views. [CN, R, V]

20-3 G4  Draw and describe exploded views, component parts and scale diagrams of simple 3-D objects. [CN, V]


20-3 N1  Analyze puzzles and games that involve numerical reasoning, using problem-solving strategies. [C, CN, PS, R]

20-3 N2  Solve problems that involve personal budgets. [CN, PS, R, T]

20-3 N3  Demonstrate an understanding of compound interest. [CN, ME, PS, T]

20-3 N4  Demonstrate an understanding of financial institution services used to access and manage finances. [C, CN, R, T]

20-3 N5  Demonstrate an understanding of credit options, including:

  • credit cards
  • loans. [CN, ME, PS, R]


20-3 A1  Solve problems that require the manipulation and application of formulas related to:

  • volume and capacity
  • surface area
  • slope and rate of change
  • simple interest
  • finance charges. [CN, PS, R]

20-3 A2  Demonstrate an understanding of slope:

  • as rise over run
  • as rate of change
  • by solving problems. [C, CN, PS, V]

20-3 A3  Solve problems by applying proportional reasoning and unit analysis. [C, CN, PS, R]


20-3 S1  Solve problems that involve creating and interpreting graphs, including:

  • bar graphs
  • histograms
  • line graphs
  • circle graphs.   [C, CN, PS, R, T, V]

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